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SECRETS & LIES by H.M. Ward – The Completion of a Fun & Sexy Ferro Series

A lot of people have been asking me for links. I know my main website is having technical issues so here are all links to this entire series. Books 1-6 are live now. Book 7 is up for pre-order. Audio is coming. Paper links are listed. If you have questions, please ask.

Remember that you can always get links from my Facebook page. If you want links sent directly to you on release day TEXT HMWARD (1 word, no spaces) to 24587 and you’ll never have to go link hunting again.

Secrets & Lies 1-5 by H.M. Ward - A one night stand with an artistic stranger, what could possibly go wrong?

Secrets & Lies 1-7 by H.M. Ward – A one night stand with an artistic stranger, what could possibly go wrong?

Grab the newest series in the sexy, fun, new Ferro family saga – SECRETS & LIES. Series concludes Aug 1st! Links for books 1-7 below. Grab book 1 for ONLY 99 CENTS TODAY!

SECRETS & LIES 1: is only 99 cents for a limited time!



Audio: TBA

Amazon UK:
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SECRETS & LIES 7: (Pre-order, release date Aug 1, end of series)
Paper: TBA
Audio: TBA

LAST CHANCE! Summer Ferro Box w/ $1 S&H


H.M.Ward Summer Ferro Box

So, I it turns out the remaining few boxes are still available because my main website isn’t working properly. I already have tech working on a new site, but it made ordering the last few boxes impossible. A fan told me, so I relocated the webpage here so fans could grab the remaining boxes.


Wile supplies last. When this item sells out there will be a SOLD OUT notification prior to purchase.

People are asking if I’ll do another box. The answer is HELL NO. It was incredibly time consuming and while the things in the box are awesome, this project also went way over budget. So, if you want one – grab it now! Hot guy not included.




The Ferro box is filled with officially licensed H.M. WARD  merchandise including limited first editions, signed swag, and other sweet surprises! Every box is packed with mystery contents and filled with the newest H.M. WARD merchandise.

Each FERRO box has a retail value over $125.

These boxes include exclusive, quality Ferro merchandise that’s not available in stores. You’ll be the first to get it!

Box content may include things like signed books, clothing, drinkware, toys, stationary, trinkets, and more! The number of boxes is limited so grab yours today before they are all gone!


Each box has mystery contents valued at $125 USD and has an assortment of items. There can be anything in there from clothing to signed first editions. It’s a mystery box filled with new merchandise and awesome stuff!

Yes, you can!  Simply click the order button again and place a separate order for each box. Each box will be shipped separately.

Yes! Just enter their address in the ship to address section of the payment form. After you submit payment, you can then print out a GIFT VOUCHER by clicking here. Print, cut it out, and wrap it up in a box and you have a great gift!

Yes you can! There’s a toggle button on the form way down at the bottom. You don’t need to sign into PayPal to make a credit card payment. Click PAY WITH CREDIT/ DEBIT/ PAYPAL CREDIT and it’ll flip you over to the correct screen.

Nope! This merchandise is NOT available in stores. This is the only way to get it. The box contents are custom/ official merchandise that was created for you & offered at an absurdly reduced rate. 

ALL BOXES SHIP ONLY JULY 1st, 2016. Add 10-12 days for transit times to most places in the 50 United States.  Please note that boxes do NOT ship right away. To get this amazing price, all the boxes have to be shipped at once.

No, once an order is placed all sales are final.


It’s only $13.95 per box. You can get S&H for $1 on dollar shipping day in early June!


Not at this time. I’m working on it for future boxes if we have enough of a demand despite the high shipping fees for international postage. If you want it, I’ll make it happen, but it won’t be in time for this box.


H.M. Ward personally selected the items in the box. She spent several months dreaming up a box that’s affordable and filled with fun things that Ferro fans would love to have this summer.


Orders will be taken until May 31, 2016 or until this item sells out. All orders will be processed and shipped on July 1st, 2016 unless otherwise stated. USA only at this time. The S&H fee is $13.95 per box. Due to the deeply discounted nature of this item there are no refunds. If your box is lost or damaged in transit please file a claim with the post office. Each item has a quality control check before leaving our site to ensure you have an awesome experience. In the event that something arrives wonky, please contact me.


Contact me before you buy! I’m happy to help.

99¢ TODAY! DAMAGED: A Ferro Family Novel by H.M. Ward


Share the discount with your friends! This book only goes on sale once a year – grab it now!

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A New Adult Romance Novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

Life sucks. And, as soon as Sidney picks up the pieces something always knocks her back onto her butt. It’s never pretty, but this time is different. This time pretty isn’t even the right word.

Peter is the personification of perfection. It’s like he fell off his angel perch in purgatory, because let’s face it–any guy that hot has got to be naughty. He was probably sent here to ruin her life.

Peter is beyond beautiful with his sexy blue eyes, dark hair, and toned body. Add in his charming wit and Peter is everything Sidney ever wanted in a man, but when things get hot and heavy Peter shows her the door. Sidney takes the walk of shame and leaves. It’s the end of the worst blind date ever. Her life couldn’t possibly reach higher levels of suckage, but it does.

The next morning everything comes crashing down. The insanely hot guy from last night, the one that saw her half naked, is teaching at the front of the class room.

Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: Novel, 348 pgs
Damaged 2 is available now


Holy hot for teacher! I loved this book!” – Stay Blu Reads

“Ward has such a brilliant way with words creatingsuch a realistic world that we can get lost in, and creating characters that could easily be your best friends.” -Nicole @ Book Addicts AA

“I loved that. Serious sexual tension!” -Spare Time Book Blog

“STUNNING! PERFECTLY STUNNING! This book was a perfect ride of emotions from page one.Can not wait for book 2. You will Love this book. READ IT! I Command YOU to read this BOOK!” -Vicci’s Crazy Book Addiction




The Roses are Still Dead (Why NY Publishers are 2 Steps Behind. Again.)

HM Ward, the roses are dead, publishing industry 2016,Four years ago, I began writing shorter works for the sole purpose of capturing the reader who doesn’t like to read. It was an odd thing, to realize there are readers who don’t enjoy the process of reading. It could be due to anything from time constraints, to education, to visual impairments. The point is, they don’t want to settle back into a book and admire the words. They want the story told in a way that’s evocative, engaging, and provides a sense of instant gratification.

According to a New York Times article, “no one has tried to do a bite-sized commercial fiction model, at least not in any sustainable way.”

Let me introduce myself:

I’m no one. I’ve had 21 New York Times bestsellers in the past three years. I’ve hit the USA Today list over 30 times, too. I was #1 at Digital Book World. I hit the Wall Street Journal list. I’ve been on the cover of the New York Times and featured in articles in HuffPo and Forbes. I’ve sold over six figures annually in paper (without a New York publisher), most of which are bite-sized books containing roughly 125 pages of text. These titles sold so well in the US that AmazonCrossing bought the rights to sell 20 of these novellas in Germany in paper and digital. Sales there are echoing the same principles seen in the US – there’s a thirst for shorter works. Give it to Amazon to step outside the box and color outside the lines with me. They’re not a traditional anything, but then that’s been part of the problem–a lack of change.

New York is a city where change thrives. It’s a living breathing thing that can’t be denied. New York City is a place where you can walk down the street and find anything and everything. There are no limits, and no end to innovation except when it comes to publishing. Traditional NY publishers never cease to amaze me with their sloth-like movements and overall aversion to change. It took four years of watching authors like me, who have grossed over 8 figures a year, to decide it might be worth a look. Suddenly our bamboozle of tastelessness is re-branded as ‘new’ and ‘never been done before!’

That clause that they added to the end of the sentence should cover the anomalies out there. The Hugh Howey type that writes WOOL (those were novellas that NY repackaged into novels) is a rarity. But lightning doesn’t strike twice. Oh, wait…Hugh got struck more than twice.  The man’s a pioneer, a visionary and he’s not the only one, thank God, but we are few and far between. Needless to say, it gets lonely out here when you do everything backward and upside down from the mainstream way of publishing, especially if it is done on purpose.

Very few see the intentionality at the heart of these decisions. It wasn’t luck. There’s no way luck would have struck over 20 times and landed me on the New York Times list, which is the gold standard of which books are being consumed most rapidly at this current week in time.

If it’s not luck, then what is it? Simple. That’s the market pulse and until now traditional publishers have been flat-lining it with big fat books.  I’ve been glad that traditional NY publishers didn’t notice this ‘little’ market hole. I’ve been quite happliy camping out here since 2012. There are a few friends here as well. We’re the ones that ruffle feathers because we did something unusual and it worked.

Welcome, New York Traditional Publishers. Pull up a chair, and don’t lose your nerve when no one understands what you’re doing. Up until now you’ve only catered to readers. Guess what? The people who don’t normally read for pleasure have a different set of expectations. They don’t follow the rules, they don’t care about traditional guidelines, and they’re remarkably demure. They assume that these books aren’t for them. They think authors create their works for the people who are the literary connoisseurs of our day. The novella, bite-sized crowd is too meek to realize they matter. They’re too humble to suspect that someone might actually care about their needs and desires. They’re sick of mass consumed fast food type of reads and ‘rags.’ They want the steak, and they would have taken it years ago if you stopped trying to shove a 32oz porterhouse down their throat. Sometimes a reader just want canapes. They can enjoy them easily, one-handed, with a baby on their hip. They can sneak a story on the train on the way to work and get the grin of satisfaction before they step off onto the platform.

This battle is about so much more than the length of the book. It’s taking a market segment that’s been ignored for decades. They were marginalized. These readers have been made to feel inferior because their desired attributes didn’t line up with what New York Publishers were dishing out. No one wants to consume the same thing, the same size, every day at every meal, so why would we think readers should? Reading is a way to feed the soul. It ignites the imagination and sparks hope within weary hearts. It’s a lifeline that’s been denied to far too many, largely because bigger books mean bigger profits in the traditional world.

What happened to books like The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe? Peter & Wendy? The Wolves of Willoughby Chase? Those fit in my pocket and cost less than $5. I could afford them when we were broke. I could finish them before my eyes betrayed me and a migraine blurred the words. I found magic, adventure, and hope in a compact size. The act of reading isn’t this complacent act that’s lazy and lounging. A good read makes you feel alive, and these shorter works can do that in a sustainable way that’s not possible with longer books. Sustain that.

I’m disappointed that New York hasn’t caught up yet. They’re always two steps behind, or in this case, roughly four years. Hat off to Indie authors and AmazonCrossing for forging new roads and plowing through the propaganda to find out what readers really want and then having the guts to give it to them.


Need a new Book Boyfriend? LAST HEARTBREAK by HM Ward


When a hot guy with blazing blue eyes and a sexy smirk saves my ass and covers up my sins, I know I’m screwed. He’s poor, and is probably morally deprived like every other ass I’ve attracted recently.

I admit it. I’m a moron magnet. If the guy’s a dick, then he sweeps me off my feet and promptly stabs me in the back. Billionaires are all the same. I’ve fallen for loser after loser, which earned me the classy reputation of being easy. I’m easy on the eyes, easy to bed.

But no one knows the truth, no one knows the events that forced me onto the ledge of that elite NYC hotel–no one except that strapped, hot waiter.

Now I have to figure out if he’s an ally or an enemy. I need a friend, a real one, and not some jerk who’s after my money or my name. But If I make the wrong choice, it’ll destroy me.

The ledge high above the city was only the beginning. No one can help me now. I’m on my own.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Type: Stand Alone Novel, No Cliffhanger, 298 pgs


Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple    HM Ward paperback-button

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 Reader Reviews:

“Incredibly moving, funny, sexy and tackling deeper everyday problems.” –Debi G.

“An amazing story full of love, loss, heartbreak, joy and hope.” –Carla

“Intense situations propel off the very first page and intertwine with flirty witty banter, combustible chemistry and gut wrenching heartache. Last Heartbreak is guaranteed to leave you with book hangover.” –Cary

“A heartbreaking, shocking, captivating and engaging love story.” –Debbie B.

You don’t often find men like Graham and it was so refreshing.” –Stacey H.

“Funny and inspirational.” –Sallie

“WOW….. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The book was completely captivating. You will keep turning and turning the pages as you enter an emotional roller coaster where you will be laughing, crying, breathless and fist-pumping as you get to know your next book boyfriend the nerdy, hot Mr. Parker.” –ENA

“Very emotional. A real page turner I had a hard time putting it down.” –Judy

“Gut-wrenchingly good.” –Jen L.

“If you like a heartfelt story that makes you feel with everything within you, then read this story, you wont be disappointed. I loved it.” –Kelli T.

“Definitely a nail-biter and I love the ending!” –Dona

New Release! The Arrangement 21, the NYT Bestselling series by HM Ward

The Arrangement 21 by HM WardThe final 3 installments of SEAN FERRO in THE ARRANGEMENT. Grab it now! Series ends with book 23.

Volume 21 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series

The sexy billionaire lying next to me just asked the one question I’ve been longing to hear. Sean Ferro is finally there, ready to marry me. All I have to do to live happily ever after is destroy my enemies, kill my brother, and try to lose myself in the process.

As it is, I feel like I’m coming unhinged. Past sins press against my mind, demanding to be dealt with, but I can’t open the floodgates. I can’t let those demons see the light of day. My actions are so far beyond shades of gray that I worry I’ll destroy everyone around me – Sean included.

I never thought it would be difficult to say yes to the sexy, naked man lying in my arms. I want the happily ever after, but I’m not sure I have what it takes to get there.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-21 are on sale now.~ 23 books total in this series.


Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple

Motorcycle man and Spray Start Car Girl – Teaser trailer for THE ARRANGEMENT series
Ooooh! Aaaaah! Swooooon!
Disclaimer: H.M. Ward is not responsible for screen damage due to lickage


What other people are saying about THE ARRANGEMENT 21:

“Intensely erotic.” – Debi G.

“Wicked hot with a touch of tenderness” – Cary M.

“Preorder this bad boy right now!” – Marissa 

“Sean definitely takes Avery to her limits and it is hot and disturbing at the same time.” -Stacy H.

How to be a kickass reviewer, the quick tutorial

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.33.07 PMWith recent talk about the perm ARC list and what it takes to be shoulder tapped, I thought I’d take the time to dish out the dirt on what makes a reviewer go from okay to AMAZEBALLS!

One of the things that make authors cringe the most in a review, are spoilers. So I’m going to focus mostly on that.

So what is a spoiler?

Great question! It’s information that reveals the ending of the story. That’s easy to avoid.

The harder spoilers to avoid, and that are too often seen in reviews, are when people reveal various events, plot twists and unexpected information that come out throughout the book, mostly elements that may have surprised you or that have a profound impact in the story. This is the kind of thing that you wouldn’t want to share in a review because it diminishes the reading experience of others.

The best way to keep this from happening is to pretend you’re talking to someone about your favorite book. Tell them what you liked about it and how it made you feel.

It’s your experience with the book that people want to know. Is this good? Yes? Okay, why? You can be a blabbering mess of excitement without being able to put your fingers on specifics and that speaks so much more clearly to readers than anything else. When someone is flabbergasted by a book and they slam it on your desk, bug-eyed, and say READ THIS! You know it’s a damn good book. You want to channel that excitement into your review. The goal is to sound like you, talking to a bud about a book.

Example: The relationship in this book really spoke to me. The characters had a deep connection and I could feel her pain.

How can I tell if it’s a spoiler? What if I’m not sure?

Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is it included in the book description? Yes? Then you are safe.
  2. Be vague. You don’t have to spell everything out. A review is YOUR reaction to the book. It’s not cliff-notes.
  3. Don’t post specifics about things that left your jaw on the ground. (see rule #2)

Should I post spoilers?

Try to avoid it if you can. The whole point of a review is to help another reader find a book they might like. If you have a review-a-phobe that is afraid of spoilers and scanning the page between her fingers, it’d be nice if your review will help her. People who don’t mind so much won’t care.

Why are spoilers viewed as a bad thing?

My books are made to make you giggle, gasp, and experience the story. If you know what’s coming, you read the book differently.

Are there ways to post a spoiler and hide it?

YES! So happy you asked! On Goodreads, there are two ways of doing so. You can choose to hide you entire review by clicking a box or you can add some very easy coding to your review to hide a specific section that you may suspect would dampen other readers’ experience. Here’s an easy graphic to show you how to hide your spoilery review on Goodreads:

How to hide a spoiler on Goodreads

Here is an example of what you review will look like if check that box at the bottom:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.32.57 PM

If you really, really, really want to know what the spoiler is, then you have the freedom to do so by clicking on “click here” and see what the person had to say.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.33.07 PM

On other sites that don’t let you use coding, so I wouldn’t recommend putting spoilers ANYWHERE ELSE until they can support hiding it like Goodreads.

So, if I’m not retelling the story in my review, what AM I writing?

You’re telling other readers why this book was amazing by giving your emotional reaction.

For example:

“I love the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning because it’s dark, gritty, and is flowing with tension. That tension is why I read. It can be conflict, immortals, or sexy tension and I’m in love!

Mac isn’t a pansy. She’s the type of girl I can relate to, which is a big deal. I’m tired of stories with airheads that are TSTL. If you don’t know what that means, TOO STUPID TO LIVE. Dear God! Please give me a chick with a backbone! Even if she’s a dumbass, I want a spine. This series has one heronie, no wait, it has several kick ass women.

What about the dudes? Hot men. Dark, mysterious men that are too sexy to live…swoon. They fall into the alpha range for the most part. Confident, strong, and sexy.

And this. I HATE it when I read a book and the character doesn’t learn. How many times can you do the same thing and still put your hand in the fire? Learn, damn it! This characters learn and grow. Some shrink, but they change. Their lives throw them into situations that have repercussions and watching them play out is like watching a fire. It’s hot, desperate, and read to consume everything in it’s path.

If you liked Demon Kissed, you’ll totally love this series. Think Apocalypse. Think dark knight. Think so freaking awesome! It moves at a fast pace and has a plot to engage you and characters that leave you thinking long after you put the book down. I loves that!”

Giving them a frame of reference is SO helpful! Dudes, that’s how I found the Fever series in the first place. It was a Demon Kissed reader who pointed it out. SCORE! Think about another book like this one that you liked and clue people in. It’s so hard to find a good book and that’s what reviews are all about!

STRIPPED by HM Ward only 99 ¢ Today! (Jonathan Ferro)

Get book 1 on sale today and be ready for the upcoming sequel in April


There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people. They make you jaded and hard, irrevocably changing you forever. I wish I could say that I hate her, I wish I could walk away and never look back, but I can’t… I have to save her.

The woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand disappeared from my life 3 years ago. So when I see her at a bachelor party, half naked, rolling around on the floor with another stripper, I’m shocked. I have to know what cracked Cassie Hale’s picture perfect world that landed her in this hellhole, and I hope that I’m not so bitter that I can’t help her escape.

1 DAY SALE PRICE ¢99 (reg. $5.99)
SEQUEL COMING APRIL 4th (pre order available)


Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple


The FINAL volume in the series

Stripped2_ipadminiAmazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple

 More Ferro books coming at you soon! Eeep!

New Release! OVER YOU, a modern day Pride and Prejudice by HM Ward

Over YouGet ready to swoon over Mr. Darcy all over again.

A contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo.

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want—a beautiful billionaire with sad eyes and a crooked smile. Woman try to lick him on sight, he’s that yummy. Well, unless that woman is Beth Bennet. Her panties don’t drop for anyone, unless there’s love, so a guy like Will Darcy doesn’t stand a chance.

Being shoved up the socialite ladder in New York City chafes so Beth goes to college as far away as possible, but when her father gets sick she finds herself right back where she started—stuck together with a bronzed god who hates her.

The prideful will fall to ruin.

Their prejudice will be their undoing.

And William Darcy will be the first to fall, Beth is certain of that.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Type: Novel (page count TBA), Standalone, No cliffhanger
Based on: Jayne Austen’s Pride and Prejudice


Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple

Over YouWhat other people are saying about OVER YOU:

“These two authors teaming up and writing this story is brilliant!” – Jennifer Lessard

“Lots of angst and drama. Outstanding!” – Cheryl

“Keeps you on your toes wanting more.” – Sandra

“Bursting with love for family, friends, and for your true love.” – Daisy

“It’s exactly what you’ll want to read on Valentines Day!!!” – Cassandra Cole

Update on ARCs (Perm list, Lottery, Selection, FAQs, and more)

ARCeasyWhat is an ARC: An ARC is an advanced reviewer’s copy of a book that is not in it’s final format. These are done a different way, but generally speaking mine are formatted and in the final stages of editing. There might be minor revisions before publication.

Lottery Style ARCs vs. Permanent ARC list: There are two ways to get an ARC from H.M. Ward – either by Lottery or via the Perm ARC list.

More than 99% of the reviewers get their ARC via Lottery Style.

How: Signups are announced on the Facebook page as we approach release date and you must apply for each book you wish to receive, every time.

What’s the difference? Permanent ARC list recipients get ARCs automatically, without applying, with the understanding that they have to review ALL of the ARCs that are sent to them. To get on that exclusive Perm ARC list, they had to do several things. (explained below)



All ARC reviewers have to start here. This is the type of ARC that most of my readers apply for. It has to be done every time, for every book you want to receive an ARC of. This allows the reviewers to pick and choose what they’d like to review. It also gets you on my radar to be shoulder-tapped for the Perm ARC list. The lottery style ARC has minimal requirements and is open to everyone who would like to apply.

As stated in the name, it’s lottery style, which means that a select number of people who signed up will receive the ARC. Just because you didn’t get it one time, doesn’t mean you won’t be chosen the next and it doesn’t make you less eligible for Perm ARC if you didn’t get randomly picked. So sign up and give it a shot.


  • NO LINK OR A BAD LINK TO AN AMAZON REVIEW of an H.M. Ward book. This is the most common mistake. Do NOT copy/paste the actual contents of the review. I need the permalink. To do this: find your review, right click on “permalink” or keep your finger pressed on “permalink”. Choose “copy link” and paste it to the application form. To make sure the link works, SIGN OUT OF AMAZON and try your link. If it brings you to page with ONLY YOUR REVIEW, then we’re golden!
  • Empty fields: I can’t send an ARC to someone who doesn’t provide a full name (first and last).
  • Mistake in email addy: Precious ARCs have bounced back due to this. Make sure your email addy is correctly entered on your form.


There is a lot of confusion as to what the Perm ARC list is about, so I listed a bunch of frequently asked questions on the topic. If you are interested in making the Perm ARC list, please read through, as I’ve had people asking me why they haven’t made the cut yet, without knowing what the requirements are and what the selection process is.

  • Only 0.05% of my reviewers are currently on the list, so don’t feel bad if you’re not on it yet.
  • The selection process is 100% by invitation / shoulder tap based on your reviewer performance
  • If you applied for Perm ARC in the past, I still have your name on file. If you didn’t, don’t worry, this is not the only way to get on my radar (see FAQs at bottom of post)
  • It requires HUGE trust on my part to add someone on the perm ARC list
  • it adds HUGE responsibilities your part.
  • The selection process is also VERY TIME CONSUMING, so people are being added on gradually
  • The best way to make it on the list is to keep on improving your reviewer profile by doing all the things listed in the Perm ARC criteria list below.


  • I need a WORKING LINK TO YOUR REVIEWS ON AMAZON IN YOUR LOTTERY ARC APPLICATIONS (see how-to in the Lottery section above). If you gave me a bad link or no Amazon link at all, I have no way of finding you.
  • Past Lottery ARC activity THIS IS MY RADAR. This is where I see you first. You need to have a consistent history of applying for ARCs for ALL of my stories/series/genres. As a Perm ARC’er, you will receive ARCs for ALL of my new releases and are expected to post reviews for them.
  • Reviews to ALL books/series as they come out, not just selected titles, and this includes the co-authors, standalones, non-Ferro books, etc. If you don’t read all formats or titles, stick with the Lottery ARCs
  • Review promptly: Your reviews should be posted RAPIDLY after the book’s release (i.e. during release week).
  • ARC to Review efficiency For every ARC you receive, you should have a review posted on Amazon. That’s the deal. An ARC for a review.
  • Number of H.M. Ward reviews on Amazon: although not a deal breaker, if I have to choose between 2 equally kickass reviewers, someone with 50 reviews will have a better shot than someone with 10 reviews. NOTE: Copy / pasting the same review 30 times doesn’t count.
  • Quality of reviews: Your reviews are HELPFUL to future readers and SPOILER FREE. A review is not a summary of the story, it is your impression on what you read and why you liked/disliked a product. Dude, don’t get character names or plot lines wrong in the review. Saying that you loved when Peter and Hallie were competing for best wedding photo shoot in THE AGREEMENT may be a deal breaker. Your reviews have meat to the bone (not simple one to two liners). Repetitive reviews that are copy/pasted from one volume to the next don’t count. I’m looking for die-hards here! 🙂
  • Social Media Sharing: Some of you have been awesome at sharing posts on social media. That doesn’t go unnoticed. 🙂 If you are a die-hard social media sharer, this will most definitely increase your chances!
  • Number of places where you post your reviews: General rule of thumb, the more the better however, this is not a deal breaker. Amazon is the absolute prerequisite. Others are bonuses if I have to choose between two equally awesome reviewers
  • Voting reviews helpful reviews up and unhelpful reviews down on Amazon: This is part of the review process, it helps future readers to see the best reviews at the top of the page. Personal attacks towards an author and that have nothing to do with the actual book can and should be reported.
  • You do NOT engage in arguments or fights with other reviewers when you do not share their opinion, as this reflects negatively on the author. Again, personal attacks towards an author can and should be reported. Amazon deletes reviews that are defamatory, slander and abusive.
  • You submit the error correction form when you receive ARCs: When you find errors, typos and inconsistencies while reading the ARC, you let the author know rapidly so that she can fix the issues PRIOR to publishing by using the provided form. Do not post publicly that the ARC contains errors. ARCs are only partially edited.


Still have questions regarding Perm ARC? Read these PERM ARC FAQs:

Do you still have my PERM ARC application? I do. 🙂 None of the applications were deleted

I didn’t get to apply for PERM ARC, will there be more open sign ups? No, but don’t worry. There are better ways to get on my radar, as a die-hard ARC reviewer

How do I know if I made it on the PERM ARC list? On occasion, an email will go out, congratulating you on your acceptance onto the list. When things get busy, you may not get the congrats email but you will get an email saying to be on the lookout for Perm ARC only ARCs going out soon (that should clue you in) or you will receive an ARC that wasn’t open to lottery sign ups (another good clue that you made it!) 🙂

Where am I on the PERM ARC selection list? Will it be my turn soon? There’s hundreds of people that want on that list and it is constantly evolving, based on real time reviewer performance. There’s no specific way of saying for sure. If you’ve kept up with your reviews and have followed the requirements listed below, your name should remain towards the top of the list.

If I haven’t made it yet, does that mean that I was rejected? No. Unless you’ve violated the Lottery ARC terms or it’s clear from your reviews that you don’t like my work, no one gets rejected. Whenever spots open up, ALL applicants are looked at to select the next few Perm ARC’ers.

I applied for PERM ARC, should I still apply for lottery? YES YES YES! Frequent applications to lottery ARCs are a crucial factor in determining who will be selected next for Perm ARC. It tells me that you still want to be an H.M. Ward Perm ARC reviewer. If  you don’t apply for lottery ARC, I have no way of knowing that you REALLY want this.

Since I first applied for PERM ARC, I’ve added a whole bunch of new reviews. Will those be taken into consideration too? OF COURSE! That’s why it’s important to keep up with your awesome reviews

What does it take to make it on the PERM ARC list? (see requirement list above)

Do I have to review ALL of your new releases to be eligible for PERM ARC? YES! This is the whole point of the Perm ARC list, to give easy ARC access to those die-hard reviewers who were reviewing every single one of my releases the moment the book came out. It’s a form of thank your for being so amazeballs! As a Perm ARC’er, this will be your first and most important responsibility. If you only read certain series, THAT’S GREAT TOO, but maybe Perm ARC isn’t for you… but keep on applying to Lottery ARC, for the titles you want.

How many books do I have to review to be eligible for PERM ARC? There’s no magic number, but keep in mind that choosing someone for the Perm ARC list is based on the person’s current reviewing habits, so the more, the better (and copy/pasting the same review 30 times in one mad dash doesn’t count!).