Cover Suckage, Bad Branding, & Other Indie Marketing Oopsies I’ve Made on My Way to Selling 1.5 (now 10+) Million Books (A Post for Self Published Authors)

Was that blog title long enough? ūüôā So, some of you know that I make my own covers. I even shoot some of the YA one’s myself. Anyway, I posted the info below for people who ask what were some of the major factors in my recent accomplishments, which include¬†6 New York Times bestsellers since […]

Author Tips: Book Bombs, Release Days, & Other Good Free Marketing Tips

I thought I’d share what a typical release day looks like. Some things have changed since I started in 2011, but most are still the same. Each novel has a release date that is announced on the website, blog, and social media pages a few weeks prior to release. I tell ppl when I start […]

The Roses are Dead (Too Much Manure in Publishing)

These are the things people will tell you that you’re passing up if you don’t sign on the traditional line, and I’m calling it. It’s bullshit. Seriously stinky stuff, and a lot of people don’t know, so here’s my post. This is the stuff that‚Äôs been spread far and wide by the publishing industry for […]

I turned down over a million bucks in trad deals, plus other tips for Indies

So, I ranted a little bit on KindleBoards and figured I should post it on my own blog at some point. So here we go… I posted an announcement on my facebook page last night and had several ppl nudge me to post it over here. So here we go. Plus I’m adding more info, […]

Reading List

People ask me all the time, “What’s a good book to read?” ¬†This is a list of some of my favorite titles. ¬†Some are old. ¬†Some are new. ¬†Some you’ve probably never heard of. ¬†And some are business reads about marketing and selling. ¬†Mine are at the bottom of the list. Books with an * […]