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STRIPPED by HM Ward only 99 ¢ Today! (Jonathan Ferro)

Get book 1 on sale today and be ready for the upcoming sequel in April


There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people. They make you jaded and hard, irrevocably changing you forever. I wish I could say that I hate her, I wish I could walk away and never look back, but I can’t… I have to save her.

The woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand disappeared from my life 3 years ago. So when I see her at a bachelor party, half naked, rolling around on the floor with another stripper, I’m shocked. I have to know what cracked Cassie Hale’s picture perfect world that landed her in this hellhole, and I hope that I’m not so bitter that I can’t help her escape.

1 DAY SALE PRICE ¢99 (reg. $5.99)
SEQUEL COMING APRIL 4th (pre order available)


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The FINAL volume in the series

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 More Ferro books coming at you soon! Eeep!

The Grass Takes Time To Grow! Don’t Pee On It! (How to build a fan base for new authors)

I know several people who wrote a book and have virgin status when it comes to selling that sucker. They ask me lots of questions, and some pretty not helpful preconceived notions. Everyone hopes to rise like a shooting star, sign a million dollar deal, and then jump up and down. The truth is, it doesn’t work like that. You’re more likely to be struck by lightening five or six times than have that scenario occur on your first book. Even the superstars that did shoot straight to the top took 6-9 months getting there. That’s a significant amount of time.

I hear new authors asking for an easy way to gain visibility and they turn to KU because they don’t know what else to do. That’s a major mistake. Consider the limitation put on your book by restricting it to one platform. You miss out on what’s going on elsewhere.

Some people think the other platforms are too small to matter, so they don’t even consider it. But I’m pretty sure if you became a Kobo rockstar, you would feel it. I mean, #1 bestseller at Kobo is still more sales than most people ever dream about. At one point in my career, B&N led my sales because that platform took off. With each platform you’re on, you are given the chance to be a superstar. Why the hell limit it to one? Also, if you take off on another site, odds are Amazon and the rest will follow. It’s not like, ‘DAMN! I hit #2 on Nook!’ No one says that. Holding a top 10 slot on Nook is enough to break into 6 figures ON ONE SITE.

Back to the virgin authors who are deciding how to proceed: Don’t limit yourself. Visibility is about exposure, so give yourself as much as possible in a tangible, measurable way. If you really want to try KU, go ahead, but do it with a sister story or something that you know is a loss leader. I’ve had zero luck with KU lending more visibility, which was bad for me to discover (b/c I shot my sales in the head), BUT IT’S GOOD TO KNOW. It means you can be successful without KU.

You can organically make your own fandom. I did. You can too. But you have to work for it. AND IT TAKES TIME. The first three years I was writing, I was doing good as a midlister and happy to stay there. I gave up on being more and then it happened. Part of hitting it big and not being a one shot wonder is building your fan base. IT’S TIME CONSUMING. It doesn’t happen over night. And growth is exponential, so it starts so damn slow. I mean it’s like watching grass grow. For the longest time your yard is a few seedlings that might vanish over night, but one day you have a grassy lawn! More people come because you get easier to see. Then you have a big ass jungle that you have no idea how to manage. True story. That’s a real problem.

The issues author’s face change over time, but there’s a path. At the start it’s finding readers. There’s no magic bullet, and it’s not riding on luck (my luck is usually pretty sucky, so hooray!). It’s planning, plotting, research, failure, and then do it all over again. Determination goes a long way. So does knowing the basics before you jump in.


  1. Most authors will only sell about 200 copies of their title. Ever.
  2. Most people have about 200 friends on Facebook.
  3. Most people have confined social circles and it takes effort to move beyond them. I’m shy. Believe me, I know.
  4. Your debut novel is the one that friends and family will buy to be supportive.
  5. Book 1 is where the most people will watch to see if you take off or fail. If you’re shy about it, you shoot yourself in the head.
  6. You HAVE to OWN it. You wrote a book. We should be like, ‘bring it on b*tch!’ but most of us are too timid to even say we wrote something. The first thing I did when I finished my first novel was make a facebook page. I told everyone. It made me sick to my stomach. Public failure is nauseating, but shyness has no place here. How can ppl read your book if you won’t admit you wrote one? You can’t act like it sucks either. No one wants to read self-professing suckage. So grow a backbone. Own it.
  7. Use the train wreck theory to your advantage. Everyone loves to watch stuff go up in flames. It’s human nature to rubber neck and stare. Likewise, we are inspired by people who try. We share hope when we succeed. If you fail? Do it again. That’s what I do. People like to see others that won’t stay down. It makes them want to try harder too. Tenacity is contagious. If you don’t have any, go follow Hugh Howey. That dude makes me want to buy a boat and sail away. 🙂
  8. By book four, you’re on your own and if you didn’t break that social wall, you’re screwed. That’s why you can’t just write the next book. You HAVE to engage with people. That can be online or in person, but it’s the kiss of death to be stuck in 200 land. I avoided that obstacle before I published my 1st title. I made sure that 200 number was behind me from the get go. That’s not possible if you hide, so stop hiding!
  9. READ. Holy mother of frig. Pick up a book. Read a blog about selling, business, something! You can learn ANYTHING online. You don’t have to stumble around in the dark wondering what ROI and P&L means or why it should matter to you. It should if you’re here to make a living and put food on the table. I go on reading binges about every 9 months. It lasts about 6 months, or until I’ve exhausted new information. Right now I’m in that phase. Yes, it’s time consuming, but at the end of the day no one cares more about your books than you do.
  10. Do the math. So, book 1 is likely to sell 200 copies. You paid $600 for your cover and $1400 for editing, plus another $100 for formatting. And another $100 for paperback proofs. If you only sell 200 copies, you need to net $11 per book. We have a mathematical problem here. You’re upside down. I have my own staff and do just about everything in-house at this point, but book 1 was me and hubby. We used skills we had and called in favors for the rest. It cost me $200 to publish. It made it possible to turn a profit by the 2nd week that title was out. So did the price. At that point there was no KU to fathom, but math is math. Less than 1/2 a cent per page vs. 99 cents vs. $3.99 or $4.99? This is the part that gets trippy. Most people admit they can’t sell. They don’t know how to market. It’s Greek.

With pricing, it’s simple – the lower your price point, the higher your volume HAS TO BE. There are tons of threads in here about it.

  • At 99 cents, you have to sell 340 books to make $100.
  • At $2.99, you have to sell 50 books to make $100.
  • At $4.99, you have to sell 30 books to make $100.

If you have no clue how to do mass sales, why assume you can? It’s hard for me and I know how to sell. SELLING MORE IS ALWAYS HARDER THAN SELLING LESS. There’s an assumption that ppl will buy cheap stuff if they see it, that it’s easier to sell. It’s not. It’s harder to sell because you already have your product priced as low as it can go, so there’s no way to promo it. You can’t do a 1 day sale, a new reader event, a coupon code – nothing. It’s like hobbling up to the starting line of a marathon with a zombie chewing on your ass. You can’t go 26 miles like that! Even if you knock him off, you’re hemorrhaging and bleeding all over the place. Yes, that happens with books. You can help a title or shoot it in the spine and have it hobble along until you repair whatever you did. The zombie on my ass is KU 1. I knocked the thing off, but a year later and I still feel it.

You’ll make mistakes. We all do. Be ready for them. Plan C, D, Y – they’re all coming your way and it’s not a bad thing. Keep getting up. Don’t stay down. And for the love of God, don’t pee on your grass before it’s a lawn. You have to be patient and intentional. There’s no way around that part, so lets do this! Indies rock! Keep on truckin’.

HM Ward is on WattPad with New Secret Stories! Shhhhh!

HM Ward NYT Bestselling author Wattpad

News! I’m heading over to Wattpad to post some stories I’ve been working on for the past few years. Sometimes things don’t turn into a novel, or they don’t fit in with the stories I’m currently telling, so they end up in my orphan pile file on my computer.

If you’re thinking that these are sub par tales, guess again. DAMAGED was one of the titles pulled from the orphan folder. I had no intention of ever publishing it. I had no idea people would react the way they did to that book. I took a lot of chances with it–a turkey in a bra? who can pull that off? swing dancing? a nice guy? it was whack for what was out at the time.

Long story short, there are many more stories like it just sitting in my folder. Some are Ferro. Some are paranormal. Some are weird. And some are hot. It’s a schmorgisboard of reads, baby!

So, grab the app or come over on your computer and click FOLLOW.

New Release! OVER YOU, a modern day Pride and Prejudice by HM Ward

Over YouGet ready to swoon over Mr. Darcy all over again.

A contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo.

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want—a beautiful billionaire with sad eyes and a crooked smile. Woman try to lick him on sight, he’s that yummy. Well, unless that woman is Beth Bennet. Her panties don’t drop for anyone, unless there’s love, so a guy like Will Darcy doesn’t stand a chance.

Being shoved up the socialite ladder in New York City chafes so Beth goes to college as far away as possible, but when her father gets sick she finds herself right back where she started—stuck together with a bronzed god who hates her.

The prideful will fall to ruin.

Their prejudice will be their undoing.

And William Darcy will be the first to fall, Beth is certain of that.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Type: Novel (page count TBA), Standalone, No cliffhanger
Based on: Jayne Austen’s Pride and Prejudice


Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple

Over YouWhat other people are saying about OVER YOU:

“These two authors teaming up and writing this story is brilliant!” – Jennifer Lessard

“Lots of angst and drama. Outstanding!” – Cheryl

“Keeps you on your toes wanting more.” – Sandra

“Bursting with love for family, friends, and for your true love.” – Daisy

“It’s exactly what you’ll want to read on Valentines Day!!!” – Cassandra Cole

Update on ARCs (Perm list, Lottery, Selection, FAQs, and more)

ARCeasyWhat is an ARC: An ARC is an advanced reviewer’s copy of a book that is not in it’s final format. These are done a different way, but generally speaking mine are formatted and in the final stages of editing. There might be minor revisions before publication.

Lottery Style ARCs vs. Permanent ARC list: There are two ways to get an ARC from H.M. Ward – either by Lottery or via the Perm ARC list.

More than 99% of the reviewers get their ARC via Lottery Style.

How: Signups are announced on the Facebook page as we approach release date and you must apply for each book you wish to receive, every time.

What’s the difference? Permanent ARC list recipients get ARCs automatically, without applying, with the understanding that they have to review ALL of the ARCs that are sent to them. To get on that exclusive Perm ARC list, they had to do several things. (explained below)



All ARC reviewers have to start here. This is the type of ARC that most of my readers apply for. It has to be done every time, for every book you want to receive an ARC of. This allows the reviewers to pick and choose what they’d like to review. It also gets you on my radar to be shoulder-tapped for the Perm ARC list. The lottery style ARC has minimal requirements and is open to everyone who would like to apply.

As stated in the name, it’s lottery style, which means that a select number of people who signed up will receive the ARC. Just because you didn’t get it one time, doesn’t mean you won’t be chosen the next and it doesn’t make you less eligible for Perm ARC if you didn’t get randomly picked. So sign up and give it a shot.


  • NO LINK OR A BAD LINK TO AN AMAZON REVIEW of an H.M. Ward book. This is the most common mistake. Do NOT copy/paste the actual contents of the review. I need the permalink. To do this: find your review, right click on “permalink” or keep your finger pressed on “permalink”. Choose “copy link” and paste it to the application form. To make sure the link works, SIGN OUT OF AMAZON and try your link. If it brings you to page with ONLY YOUR REVIEW, then we’re golden!
  • Empty fields: I can’t send an ARC to someone who doesn’t provide a full name (first and last).
  • Mistake in email addy: Precious ARCs have bounced back due to this. Make sure your email addy is correctly entered on your form.


There is a lot of confusion as to what the Perm ARC list is about, so I listed a bunch of frequently asked questions on the topic. If you are interested in making the Perm ARC list, please read through, as I’ve had people asking me why they haven’t made the cut yet, without knowing what the requirements are and what the selection process is.

  • Only 0.05% of my reviewers are currently on the list, so don’t feel bad if you’re not on it yet.
  • The selection process is 100% by invitation / shoulder tap based on your reviewer performance
  • If you applied for Perm ARC in the past, I still have your name on file. If you didn’t, don’t worry, this is not the only way to get on my radar (see FAQs at bottom of post)
  • It requires HUGE trust on my part to add someone on the perm ARC list
  • it adds HUGE responsibilities your part.
  • The selection process is also VERY TIME CONSUMING, so people are being added on gradually
  • The best way to make it on the list is to keep on improving your reviewer profile by doing all the things listed in the Perm ARC criteria list below.


  • I need a WORKING LINK TO YOUR REVIEWS ON AMAZON IN YOUR LOTTERY ARC APPLICATIONS (see how-to in the Lottery section above). If you gave me a bad link or no Amazon link at all, I have no way of finding you.
  • Past Lottery ARC activity THIS IS MY RADAR. This is where I see you first. You need to have a consistent history of applying for ARCs for ALL of my stories/series/genres. As a Perm ARC’er, you will receive ARCs for ALL of my new releases and are expected to post reviews for them.
  • Reviews to ALL books/series as they come out, not just selected titles, and this includes the co-authors, standalones, non-Ferro books, etc. If you don’t read all formats or titles, stick with the Lottery ARCs
  • Review promptly: Your reviews should be posted RAPIDLY after the book’s release (i.e. during release week).
  • ARC to Review efficiency For every ARC you receive, you should have a review posted on Amazon. That’s the deal. An ARC for a review.
  • Number of H.M. Ward reviews on Amazon: although not a deal breaker, if I have to choose between 2 equally kickass reviewers, someone with 50 reviews will have a better shot than someone with 10 reviews. NOTE: Copy / pasting the same review 30 times doesn’t count.
  • Quality of reviews: Your reviews are HELPFUL to future readers and SPOILER FREE. A review is not a summary of the story, it is your impression on what you read and why you liked/disliked a product. Dude, don’t get character names or plot lines wrong in the review. Saying that you loved when Peter and Hallie were competing for best wedding photo shoot in THE AGREEMENT may be a deal breaker. Your reviews have meat to the bone (not simple one to two liners). Repetitive reviews that are copy/pasted from one volume to the next don’t count. I’m looking for die-hards here! 🙂
  • Social Media Sharing: Some of you have been awesome at sharing posts on social media. That doesn’t go unnoticed. 🙂 If you are a die-hard social media sharer, this will most definitely increase your chances!
  • Number of places where you post your reviews: General rule of thumb, the more the better however, this is not a deal breaker. Amazon is the absolute prerequisite. Others are bonuses if I have to choose between two equally awesome reviewers
  • Voting reviews helpful reviews up and unhelpful reviews down on Amazon: This is part of the review process, it helps future readers to see the best reviews at the top of the page. Personal attacks towards an author and that have nothing to do with the actual book can and should be reported.
  • You do NOT engage in arguments or fights with other reviewers when you do not share their opinion, as this reflects negatively on the author. Again, personal attacks towards an author can and should be reported. Amazon deletes reviews that are defamatory, slander and abusive.
  • You submit the error correction form when you receive ARCs: When you find errors, typos and inconsistencies while reading the ARC, you let the author know rapidly so that she can fix the issues PRIOR to publishing by using the provided form. Do not post publicly that the ARC contains errors. ARCs are only partially edited.


Still have questions regarding Perm ARC? Read these PERM ARC FAQs:

Do you still have my PERM ARC application? I do. 🙂 None of the applications were deleted

I didn’t get to apply for PERM ARC, will there be more open sign ups? No, but don’t worry. There are better ways to get on my radar, as a die-hard ARC reviewer

How do I know if I made it on the PERM ARC list? On occasion, an email will go out, congratulating you on your acceptance onto the list. When things get busy, you may not get the congrats email but you will get an email saying to be on the lookout for Perm ARC only ARCs going out soon (that should clue you in) or you will receive an ARC that wasn’t open to lottery sign ups (another good clue that you made it!) 🙂

Where am I on the PERM ARC selection list? Will it be my turn soon? There’s hundreds of people that want on that list and it is constantly evolving, based on real time reviewer performance. There’s no specific way of saying for sure. If you’ve kept up with your reviews and have followed the requirements listed below, your name should remain towards the top of the list.

If I haven’t made it yet, does that mean that I was rejected? No. Unless you’ve violated the Lottery ARC terms or it’s clear from your reviews that you don’t like my work, no one gets rejected. Whenever spots open up, ALL applicants are looked at to select the next few Perm ARC’ers.

I applied for PERM ARC, should I still apply for lottery? YES YES YES! Frequent applications to lottery ARCs are a crucial factor in determining who will be selected next for Perm ARC. It tells me that you still want to be an H.M. Ward Perm ARC reviewer. If  you don’t apply for lottery ARC, I have no way of knowing that you REALLY want this.

Since I first applied for PERM ARC, I’ve added a whole bunch of new reviews. Will those be taken into consideration too? OF COURSE! That’s why it’s important to keep up with your awesome reviews

What does it take to make it on the PERM ARC list? (see requirement list above)

Do I have to review ALL of your new releases to be eligible for PERM ARC? YES! This is the whole point of the Perm ARC list, to give easy ARC access to those die-hard reviewers who were reviewing every single one of my releases the moment the book came out. It’s a form of thank your for being so amazeballs! As a Perm ARC’er, this will be your first and most important responsibility. If you only read certain series, THAT’S GREAT TOO, but maybe Perm ARC isn’t for you… but keep on applying to Lottery ARC, for the titles you want.

How many books do I have to review to be eligible for PERM ARC? There’s no magic number, but keep in mind that choosing someone for the Perm ARC list is based on the person’s current reviewing habits, so the more, the better (and copy/pasting the same review 30 times in one mad dash doesn’t count!).


HM Ward’s Birthday Bash Giveaway!

It’s my birthday! Who wants to celebrate with me? You know you do! First up in the line of prizes coming your way this January is my favorite kindle! Enter to win! It’s easy and there are lots of ways to enter.


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Hot New Pre-Orders by HM Ward



HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are some of the releases coming your way in 2016! This isn’t the entire list, so get ready for more SECRETS AND LIES, DEEPER, and other titles too!

OVER YOU is a light, fun read perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Pre-order links below!



Pre-order price break!

Only $3.99

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want-

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The Arrangement 21 by HM WardFebruary 29th

Book 21 of 23 total. We’re almost to the end.

Hot sexy Sean Ferro!

Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple




Last HeartbreakMarch 7th

A hot nerd, and a girl on a ledge

When a hot guy with blazing blue eyes and a sexy smirk saves my ass and covers up my sins, I know I’m screwed. He’s poor, and is probably morally deprived like every other ass I’ve attracted recently.

Amazon     Kobo     Apple



Stripped 2April 4th

The conclusion to STRIPPED (Jonathan Ferro)


Amazon     Kobo     Apple





EasyAugust 29th

A novel about Jos Ferro (Bryan’s Sister, the only Ferro girl)


Amazon     Kobo     Apple

BROKEN PROMISES the writing and reading playlist

These are songs that follow the mood of BROKEN PROMISES, as I see it. It’ll give you more insight and extra feeling as you read along. If you want to add any of these songs to your playlists, simply click on the song you want and it will bring you to the song’s iTunes page. Easy Peasy!

Hello, by Adele
Stone Cold, by Demi Lovato
Good Goes the Bye, Kelly Clarkson
All You Had To Do Was Stay, Taylor Swift
Where We Came From, by Phillip Phillips
The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody), by Taylor Swift
I Know Places, by Taylor Swift
Gone, Gone, Gone, by Phillp Phillips
Help!, by The Beatles
Head Over Feet, by Alanis Morissette
My Life Would Suck Without You, by Kelly Clarkson
Check Yes Juliet, We The Kings
One Headlight, The Wallflowers
So Close, Jon McLaughlin
Yes, Demi Lovato

Song to the Broken Promises Video Teaser: Running, by Brooke Gerhart


Update: News, Releases, and Sad Stuff

AR21imageNEWS: It looks like my family will be having a Christmas funeral this year. I was waiting to post this until things happened, but I have a lot of ppl asking why THE ARRANGEMENT 21 was pushed back.

Please know that if a release is pushed back that you are going to hear some godawful news from me shortly after. I don’t screw around with release dates. I treat them like promises, especially once a pre-order has gone live. I do everything I possibly can to keep that promise, but sometimes life has other plans.

I wrote the final books of THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT during a funeral a few years ago. It was the most emotionally grueling thing I’d ever done, because I couldn’t write how I felt. I couldn’t pour my pain onto the pages. I had a promise to keep and finished the series.

I never said anything until I was writing BROKEN PROMISES. All that pain resurfaced, and I had no idea it would. It blindsided me. If I hadn’t told you guys that the book was coming, I wouldn’t have written it. It was extremely painful even though it’s been two years.

No matter what’s going on around me, I typically work through it. I had major surgery last week and didn’t say anything. I didn’t want it to affect anything, and that’s my life. I’m always fighting through something. You guys hear about it when it affects you. Normally it won’t, but I can’t possibly write one of the final books of THE ARRANGEMENT right now. It’ll be torture for me and honestly, it’ll be better if I’ve had some time to mourn and write something that doesn’t have twenty books weaving together with a complex plot line. The end of that series is going to be kickass, and I won’t put something out that sub-par. This series concludes at book 23, so I’m writing toward the ending now.

So, this is what’s happening – the official release date of ARRANGEMENT 21 was pushed back to Feb. 29th (leap day!). Another title that was supposed to come out later, that’s already written, was bumped to the front of the line. I was going to start telling you about it next week–OVER YOU. It’s a stand alone novel that we’ve been working on for a year now.

Please know that if a date moves, something horrible happened. I know other authors change dates like they’re underpants, but that’s not me.

And if you pray, got extra juju to send, or just want to offer a thought for us, my family could use it. My mother in law is in her final days. My daughter is a wreck, and Mike the best hubby ever is very upset. We all are. Caner sucks. Loss is hard to endure and even more so to do it publicly.

The other platforms will update shortly to show the new release date for AR21. Teasers for OVER YOU will begin shortly. Melanie will be around helping answer questions. And I may be on hiatus for a while.

For everyone who has suffered a loss and is feeling it now, you’re not alone. I’ve lost over 20 friends and family to cancer and this time of year is bittersweet because all the memories of holidays past resurface. One day it will be sweet, not bitterness at all. Faith, hope and love will conqueror all and there will be no more pain and no more tears.

Peace to you and yours,

Broken Promises 1 day sale

Save big today and cuddle up with Trystan during the Holidays

1 DAY SALE PRICE $2.99 (reg. $7.99)

And if you share this post, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card!*

BP buy now read later

A new romance novel by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward about sex, soul mates, and deadly secrets.


When Celebrity Magazine declares rock star Trystan Scott the sexiest man alive, I’m not surprised. How can anyone claim otherwise about those blazing blue eyes, rock-hard abs, dark hair, and a totally lickable dimple?

Before the billionaire playboy rose to stardom, we were friends for a while and lovers for a night. Though that was nearly a decade ago, our connection burns brightly in my memory. We weren’t a one night stand, not to me.

I can admit it–I got played. To him, I was just another conquest. My beautiful best friend is long gone, and I’ve moved on. But when fate forces us to meet face to face, everything I felt for him comes rushing back.

Trystan is crashing and burning fast. The press flock like vultures, waiting for him to kill himself or worse. Either way, his mistakes earn them millions.

One night, one time, one word is all it takes to wash away a decade of reason and regret.

One secret threatens to push him six feet under, and, when those beautiful eyes turn to me for help, how can I say no?

Genre: Contemporary, Raw Romance
Type: Novel, 437 pgs
Book 1 of 1, no cliffhanger
Related Works: The Secret Life of Trystan Scott, The Ferro Stories including Arrangement, Proposition, and Stripped



Amazon     Nook     Kobo     Apple

*To enter, simply head over to Facebook and share this post. Make sure you tag me by typing in @authorhmward so I can see your entry. Twitter entries should tag @hmward. I’ll pick a winner on Monday!